Red Crow Studio - Unusual Designs in Art Quilts
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Here are some recent works...
"Water Water Everywhere" was made for the 2008 Breaking Traditions exhibit. (Please see Links section) Materials and techniques include: hand painted fabric, hand dyed silk, bobbin work, dense quilting, beads, braided fabric & black tulle.
   This hangs in my bedroom to remind me that water is not an infinite resource...
"Orange DQ" (below, left) is a very recent piece created as the result of a Quilt University on-line class with Dena Crain. It was actually a practice piece but I liked it more and more because it didn't follow the rules (big surprise, right?) I didn't do Dena's steps in the order she gave them, but she is so gracious she just termed it a new way of doing things! I think the highest compliment was from my friend Barb Wilke who thought it wouldn't work when the piece was in process but who was pleasantly surprised with the finished product.
"Eye of the Storm" (above, right top) is small but powerful. The hand-made button at the centre of the map opens to reveal a map of the Iraq/Iran area that is covered in black tulle. The map is made up of various patriotic fabrics. This piece is the first of my Middle East series. Other techniques & materials used are: reverse applique, thread painting and tulle. 
"Luhlin I" (above right bottom)is my interpretation of the comet Luhlin. I have become completely fascinated with this comet: discovered by a Chinese teen-ager in 2007, the comet appears green due to the unburned gases surrounding it AND appears to be flying backwards. OK, now that's breaking the rules... Techniques & materials include:  bobbin work, thread painting, painted & heated Tyvek.
"Totem of the Crow" (below left) was completed in the early spring of 2008. While the crow is not red, it is a self-portrait of sorts with the crow sitting on the highest totem pole watching over everything (& looking for that shiny stuff!) Techniques & materials include: paint, thread painting, foil, raw-edged applique, liquid beads and buttons.
"Scattered Remains" (below right) was inspired by an NPR story about a US soldier in Iraq stopped temporarily at the side of a well traveled road. He found what he thought was a ball; it really was a bleached skull-that area had been the scene of a road side attack with an IED. This is part of my Middle East series.
 "Not So Black Hole" (below left) is an interpretation of a lightening strike on Mars. Materials & techniques include: painted interfacing, hand-dyed cheesecloth, tulle, Shiva paint sticks, fabric paint and a lot of glittery things! Juried into Quilters' Heritage Celebration, Lancaster, PA
(April 2009)
"Miss Mary Talks" (below right) is a tribute to a former neighbour who talked to herself. Incessantly. Materials & techniques include: hand dyed fabric, various fibers, beads, thread painting.
"Spice Market" (below left) is a recent addition to the Middle East series. Materials used include kimono silk, batiks, commercial fabric & beads.
"While The City Sleeps" (Below right) is a dyptich entered in the Lowell, MA Western Ave. Studio show titled "Dirty, Noisy, Smelly II". The top portion is an interpretation of a topographical map of Lowell, MA, showing the Merrimack River as it runs through the city. The bottom is a cityscape showing things that appear in the night (a pair of eyes are watching on the left...) Materials include felt, thread painting, buttons, commercial & hand-dyed fabric.
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