Red Crow Studio

Unusual Designs in Art Quilts


I learned to sew, taught by my mother, as a young child. Learning to operate her old Singer sewing machine was a huge treat! Receiving a newer Singer machine for eighth grade graduation allowed me to make my own clothes. Those lessons in garment construction come back to me every day.

I began quilting in the early 1990's. Although I have done some bed-sized quilts, my real love are the smaller fiber art pieces that are constructed of materials not designed to stand up to every day use. In the beginning, I didn't know that what I was doing was called art quilting, nor did I really know what "the rules" were. Now I know the rules, but you know what they say: "meant to be broken"!

My studio is called Red Crow Studio for 2 reasons. First, my goal for my quilts is to encourage that second look, the double-take. Have you ever seen a red crow? If you did, wouldn't you give it a closer look?

Secondly, I am mightily attracted to anything shiny. Just like a crow. If it glitters, I love it. If it shines, I want it. Not content to simply collect these things, they are integral elements of my art quilts.

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